Airofresh Intl advanced atmosphere management technology.

Destroys airborne contaminants in water vapor and air

No filters, no chemicals, no residues, no adaptation and organically registered

Much better than just Ion, Ozone or UV

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Airofresh Intl technology destroys all virus

(incl: novel coronavirus)

NO FILTERS – Filters create a breeding ground for contaminants. Now you have provided a moist home for them. You have a cross contamination and disposal problem.

NO CHEMICALS Chemicals start to wear out as soon as you apply them. They are expensive to buy and apply and reapply.

NO RESIDUESMost processes leave residues like ozone, chemicals etc. Airofresh has no harmful residues.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND SUSTAINABILITY Awarded and recognized.  Registered Organic..

VIRUS – are small, very small <0.3 nm in size. Corona-virus is 0.01 nm in size. Airofresh Intl destroys not capture and store.

Airofresh Intl technology was originally invented for large fresh produce storage.  The AF Intl 1000 unit can process facilities up to 500cu3/m. The AF Intl largest unit can process up to 2000cu3/m. Any size facility can be processed with a number of units. Working constantly 24/7.

Destroy it – don’t catch it.

Airofresh Intl advanced technology uses physics and engineering to destroy contaminants keep surfaces cleaner

including virus, bacteria, fungi, mold and gases. Providing sterile, clean and safer working and living atmosphere.

Far more efficient and reactive than Ozone, Ion or UV.

New generation atmosphere control enclosed environments.

Organically registered. Environmentally responsible, improves atmosphere in any environment


AiroFresh INTL adapts, sterilizes and purifies atmosphere to enhance your food production and commercial storage’s, perishable foods, child care, medical/health-care, research facilities, animal houses, mortuaries and many more.