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Tecnologia Única para Ar Limpo

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The Descriptor – Internal Atmosphere Processing

Science and engineering solutions without residues.

Destroying contaminants requires energy transfer. Systems available often leave residues on surfaces and airborne.

Airofresh Intl uses photonic energy, magnetism and complex engineering processes to ablate contaminants including gases and organic particles of any size (including <0.3nm). This destruction of atmospheric contaminants including virus, bacteria, fungi, mould and gases provides sterile and clean facilities, atmosphere and product for purpose.

AiroFresh technology has developed unique processes involving variable frequency photon lamps, magnetic configurations and coatings, enabling advanced atmosphere processing systems. Providing the capability for clients to embrace cost effective technology as a solution for contaminant control in many and varied environments. With no residues.

AIROFRESH INTL - Equipamento registrado organicamente pela NASAA