Why has it not been done before – Airofresh INTL technology did not exist in working environments.

Influenza Virus: was among the worst years in Australia, for 2017 with vaccines being only 25% effective. To 25 March 2018, there have been 970 cases reported (110 more than 2017). The coming 2018 influenza season is looking particularly difficult.

Airborne disease can spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, spewing nasal and throat secretions into the air. Certain viruses or bacteria take flight and hang in the air or land on other people or surfaces.

When you breathe airborne pathogenic organisms in, they take up residence inside you. You can also pick up germs when you touch an infected surface, and then touch your own eyes, nose, or mouth.

Present techniques involve vaccinations, surface cleaning and vacuuming and compliance with health and safety compliance policies detailed in National Quality Framework policies.

AIROFRESH INTL Atmosphere Processing DESTROYS – (not capture and store) all airborne virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, dust and other contaminants. Airofresh INTL is proven, safe and “organically registered” suitable equipment.

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Influenza season May to November

Child Care and Kindergartens – Women, working and child care.

Evidence shows child care arrangements  help balance the burden of paid and unpaid work and increase productivity, especially for women. Growth of accessible and quality of child care has not kept pace with the rising rate of women participating in the formal market worldwide. Child care health is particularly at issue for low-income parents with children under the age of five.  Immunity of children generally under the age of 10 years, has not fully developed and the high prevalence of sickness is well recorded, especially in pre school age care.

Economic ramifications 

  • Facilities needing to provide temporary staff when full time care givers are sick.
  • Parents needing time off to care for their children. Especially difficult for single parent families with limited economic means. We seek improved economic outcomes for all
  • Hospitalizations. Especially relevant during influenza season. Low effectiveness level of vaccines, reflecting in high hospitalization rates for children. Community costs in the aggregate are very high.
  • Facilities with Airofresh INTL technology benefit from, improved occupation health and safety, attendance rates and retention of clients. Newly acquired facilities will turn to profit quicker as clients seek out safer environments for the children and better work security outcomes for themselves. We at Airofresh will assist in promotion. It is in our interest to clean more atmosphere and your interest to facilitate better community and financial outcomes for all.

Airofresh INTL enables – provision of cleaning atmosphere in child care and early learning facilities and has a noticeable and beneficial outcome on all levels. Over 50% of surface contaminants begin as airborne. At this level Airofresh INTL is particularly effective in destroying (not capture and store) ozone, aldehydes and nitric oxide by-products, all produced by motor vehicles and particularly noticeable within 500 meters of main thoroughfares.  These all being related to asthma and allergies. Pollen, fungus, mould, bacteria and virus are all targets of the Airofresh INTL processes. Cleaning 120 cubic meters of enclosed atmosphere each hour. Organically registered Airofresh INTL places a whole new emphasis on facility cleanliness unmatched by any other current technology approach.

Airofresh INTL Technology cleans and purifies internal atmosphere. This is also where most surface contaminants originate. Our success in kindergartens has been excellent in reducing contamination risk. We commend facility managers to include clean atmosphere in their approach to this serious problem of airborne contamination and transmission, before it infects.

2017 influenza season (

  • Nationally in Australia, the 2017 influenza season was the largest since the 2009 pandemic year.
  • The high level of activity in the community resulted in a lot of people taking time off work, significant cost, staffing and facility burdens on hospitals, with more than twice the number of people with influenza being admitted than is typical.

Compliance with policies National Quality Framework Policies and Government regulation is additionally a prime benefit of our technology.

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