The “Environmental Award Winner” in Atmosphere Management Technology

Airofresh Intl advanced atmosphere management technology module. Commercially capable, destroys airborne contaminants – without filters. 

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Airofresh Intl uses variable frequency, electromagnetic photon catalysis and engineering processes to ablate contaminants including gases and organic particles of any size. This destruction of atmospheric contaminants including virus, bacteria, fungi, mould and gases provides sterile and clean facilities, atmosphere and product for purpose.

IP & Trademark protected, including “Input for Organic Production”. Environmentally responsible, improves atmosphere in any environment


AiroFresh INTL completely destroys airborne biological contaminants including bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, yeasts, volatile organic compounds and odours. AiroFresh INTL  technology is not a filtration system. For all production (including organic) and more economical than any other commercial atmosphere control systems on the market. AiroFresh INTL adapts, sterilizes and purifies atmosphere to enhance your food production and commercial storage’s, perishable foods, child care, medical/health-care, research facilities, animal houses, mortuaries and many more.