The “Environmental Award Winner” in Atmosphere Management Technology

Airofresh Intl advanced atmosphere management technology module. Commercially capable, destroys airborne contaminants – without filters. 

Multi-award winning, organically registered and recyclable. For all enclosed atmosphere management requirements including ambient and cold storage, fitness and wellness, child care and early learning, offices, homes and large distribution centers. Destroys/removes, asthma/hay fever triggers, virus, bacteria, fungi, mould and gas phase (ethylene, vehicle emissions, ozone, aldehydes and much more).

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Select your industry group from the “Industries” link above for details on our Airofresh INTL services to suit your requirements. Airofresh INTL has unique service capabilities and award winning differences.

AiroFresh INTL uses specially innovated processes and technology for atmosphere processing. Adapting enclosed atmosphere to enable varying services depending upon requirement. Biological contaminants elimination in hospitals and laboratories to post harvest produce enhancements including ethylene remediation. IP & Trademark protected, including “Input for Organic Production”. Environmentally responsible, improves air quality in any environment and does so without harmful by-products.


Destroys Airborne

Biological Threats

Eliminates Contaminants

Plug in and Go 

Uses Very Little Energy

Removes Gas Phase including

ethylene, ammonia

Sanitizes any size areas

commercial, residential and industrial

Destroys Odours

Filter-less Technology

AiroFresh INTL completely destroys airborne biological contaminants including bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, yeasts, volatile organic compounds and odours. AiroFresh INTL  technology is not a filtration system. For all production (including organic) and more economical than any other commercial atmosphere control systems on the market. AiroFresh INTL adapts, sterilizes and purifies atmosphere to enhance your food production and commercial storage’s, perishable foods, child care, medical/health-care, research facilities, animal houses, mortuaries and many more.