Manufacturing Jewellers

Rosins, solder, dust, chemicals and heavy metals including Cadmium. AF INTL BCU specifically capable of purification of manufacturing jeweler facilities.

Jewellery making is one of the world’s oldest manufacturing operations and has always involved some hazardous processes. Today atmospheric toxicity in jewellery workplace environments pose a major concern. These pollutants include rosins, cadmium, cyanide’s, acids, solvents, compressed gasses, investment dusts and polishing compounds..

Skin rashes, lung diseases, allergies and asthma. Jewellery manufacturers are increasing worried about their workers’ health and safety (WH&S) conditions. Most quality manufacturers want to reduce work related illnesses and improve the workplace environment. Venting into the air we all breathe or capture and store technologies which cause disposal issues. Airofresh destroys contaminants.

AiroFresh INTL uses cutting edge S&P (Sterlilization and Purification) technology which dramatically reduces atmospheric toxicity in jewellery workplace environments. Specifically targeting pollutants such as cadmium, cyanides, acids, solvents, compressed gasses, investment dusts, polishing compounds and solders. Our S&P engineering removes heavy metals from airflow with special engineering of our process.

AiroFresh INTL also destroys airborne pathogens and allergens including pollen, bacteria, viruses, fungus and mould spores that can lead to serious medical conditions when your defenses are down.

AiroFresh INTL eliminates toxic gases and chemicals that are constantly being produced in the manufacturing operation.

No longer do contaminants have to be vented into the atmosphere, it is now more cost effective for facilities to clean the airflow.