The Change Maker in Air Purification Technology


All our units destroy airborne Wuhan influenza virus.


21st century technology replaces 20th century chemical approaches.

Much enhanced cost, process and time efficiency. Just plug the unit into a standard socket. A simple very effective approach.

 Projects policy must;

  • improve the global environment
  • All Airofresh INTL product range are recyclable
  • strong commercial purpose to enable higher cost savings and profitability for our clients.
  • maintain enthusiasm for continuing product use and benefit
  • Be superior technology to existing practices.

Our team of researchers and business professionals have made this a full time activity. Improving the world, for us all to benefit and prosper. Its great to come to work.

AIROFRESH INTL in superior in many ways to chemical applications that start to wear out as soon as they are applied. This applies to fresh produce storage’s, cleaning chemicals, fungicides etc. Considerably reduces traditional costs, labor processes and enhances effectiveness;

  • reduce storage expenditures for primary producers
  • provide a better or equivalent storage outcome without application of chemicals
  • substantially reduce food contamination residues, waste and rots,
  • improved natural produce taste that chemicals reduce
  • considerably healthier and profitable outcomes.
  • We invented, developed, manufactured, commercialized Airofresh.


For primary producer storage this technology destroys ethylene, inhibits ethylene production, destroys fungi, mold, bacteria and virus – IN ONE PROCESS.

 Soon we realized this technology had much wider uses than fruit preservation including;

  • keeping large automated storage’s clean 24/7
  • purifying internal atmosphere’s for health and well being including asthma and immune compromised,
  • workers in environments presenting dangers and others.
  • computer clean rooms – the Airofresh Intl BCU (biological control unit) also destroys dust.

POST HARVEST – We provide short and long term storage benefits for any produce, better taste, no residues and no application of chemicals. Airofresh keeps the facilities clean,  enhances ethylene inhibition, destroys ambient ethylene and strengthens produce resistance capabilities. For large commercial distribution centers Airofresh INTL true automated capabilities keeping cooling ducting, produce and internal atmospheres clean. No filters and very low maintenance. We sell Nationally and Globally to Spain, UK, South Africa, Belgium and Benelux countries.

MEDICAL RESEARCH FACILITIES – We remove all airborne contaminants minimizing the chance of cross-contamination in laboratory experiments. We keep atmosphere absolutely clean in cancer drug manufacturing laboratories. Airofresh in cancer treatment residential facilities, due to immune-deficiency during treatment. You can die from a cold.

KINDERGARTENS – Trials produced the lowest sickness rates of any facility in the State. The testimonials since then have been excellent protecting children who naturally due to their tender age, are not yet immune efficient. Much reduced influenza, asthma, hay fever (pollen) and other communicable issues whilst cleaning the air of pet and ambient contaminants. The 2017 flu vaccine was only 20% effective. 20 percent of children infected were hospitalized. 2018?

FITNESS FACILITIES – This is where people breathe deep. The nasal passages are natures way of cleaning what we breathe. During exercise breathing is via the mouth by-passing these natural defenses. People with allergies are best served with exercise but avoid activity due to irritation by airborne contaminants. Airofresh INTL fitted fitness facilities are the best available removing;

  • rubber flooring odor,
  • sweat (bacteria) odor, virus
  • vehicle/industrial pollutants – being close to main roads in cities
  • normal airborne fungi/mold and yeast
  • asthma, hay fever and animal allergy triggers

RESIDENCES AND OFFICES – most noticeable is the lack of dust, cleaner HVAC systems and for those with health issues including asthma symptoms. Clients comment upon the change in the internal atmosphere.

CHEESE FACILITIES – removing yeast, mold and fungus from the air to stop cross contamination’s in their laboratories and ripening rooms.

MORTUARIES – workers in these facilities face considerable contamination risks. Airofresh INTL is now widely used in body preparation rooms and funeral facilities to absolutely clean the air.

JEWELERS – big problems in Jewelers is airborne rosins, heavy metals and cadmium. Airofresh INTL is specially designed to remove heavy metals and cadmium as part of the general process. Assisting prevention of skin diseases and allergies common in this industry. Air that is normally vented to the world.

AWARDS – “Best New Horticultural Innovation” – Victoria. “Best New Horticultural Innovation” – Western Australia
National winner of the Australian Regional Development “Environment and Sustainability”

WE DESTROY AIRBORNE CONTAMINANTS from air and water vapor (most surface contaminants start as airborne) without harmful resides.