The Change Maker in Air Processing Technology

Unique Technology for Clean Air

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The Descriptor – 21st century technology replaces 20th century ineffectiveness

The technology difference is the approach, the application and the result.

The approach – if it has a physical filter it has a problem

Other technologies (Ion, Ozone, Activated Carbon and others)  include physical filters (pre-filters, HEPA filters, or other physical filters) which are either ineffective or if they do catch contaminants create breeding grounds for the problem. Filter replacement frequency, access, cost and disposal all add layers of inefficiency. The biggest issue is they become breeding grounds for what they have caught and slow down airflow.

Airofresh Intl technology has no physical capture and store filters. We destroy the contaminants within our processes. This removes the risk of mutation or adaptation by the contaminant. Airofresh Intl sterilizes the air and water vapor. Humidity in airflow can be 30-40% and any atmosphere technology must be capable of water vapor sterilization. Most others are not.

The Application

No matter the technology they must destroy not capture and store. Enable oxidation of all forms of contaminants including gases. Airofresh Intl is not selective and destroys all biological contaminants including virus, bacteria, fungi, mould and gases. The biological control unit (BCU) also destroys dust which is 80% biological.

Ozone is a low to mid level oxidizer therefore lacking efficiency. Ion units attached charged particles to contaminants which lose the attachment when there charge dissipates which accelerates in humidity. Ion units do not destroy anything.

Airofresh Intl units are portable, low in power consumption and rely on a structured series of processes that enable the highest level oxidizers and other enhancing capabilities within the reactivity module. No filters, no added chemicals and organically registered.

The Result – 21st century technology replaces 20th century ineffectiveness

Airofresh Intl units are used widely in industry offices and homes  including;

Cheese factories to destroy black and grey mold and cross contamination in maturation rooms and processing areas. HEPA filters used in these facilities often are breeding grounds and part of the problem.

Fresh Produce Storage – our units process large and small facililties destroying fungi, mold, bacteria, virus and ethylene gas. These units are also specifically engineered to enable elevated nitrogen levels enable ethylene inhibition. Widely used in preference to chemicals. Saves cost of expensive ethylene inhibitors, fungicides residue free and organically registered. The 21st century technology to replace 19th century chemical approaches. Considerable savings with superior outcomes.

Airofresh Intl units are popular in mortuaries, science laboratories, offices, homes, asthma situations and hydroponics.

Science and engineering solutions without residues.

Destroying contaminants requires energy transfer. Systems available often leave residues on surfaces and in the air.

Airofresh Intl uses atmosphere conversion to enable the fuels for variable photon energy, electron transfer mechanisms, high level oxidation components  and complex engineering processes to ablate contaminants including gases and organic particles of any size (including <0.3nm). This destruction of atmospheric contaminants including virus, bacteria, fungi, mold and gases provides sterile and clean facilities, atmosphere and product for purpose. Far more effective than ozone.

Providing the capability for clients to embrace cost effective technology as a solution for contaminant control in many and varied environments. Without harmful residues.

Much better than ozone, organically registered, without filters or applied chemicals.