Airofresh Intl advanced atmosphere management technology.

Destroys airborne contaminants in water vapor and air

No filters or chemicals. Much better than ozone. Organically registered.

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Airofresh Intl technology destroys all virus

(incl: novel coronavirus)

  • UV lamps are 25% effective
  • If a unit has a filter it tells us that the technology is insufficient by itself. If you catch some contaminant – now you made a home for it – you have a disposal problem.

Airofresh Intl technology has no filters and destroys virus, bacteria, fungi, mold and gases like ammonia.

Safe, proven effective and works 24/7 all year round. Organically registered. Environmentally awarded.

Contaminated Atmosphere can make you sick, very sick. Be safe without added chemicals and problem filters.

Destroy it – don’t catch it.

Airofresh Intl advanced technology uses physics and engineering to destroy atmospheric contaminants including virus, bacteria, fungi, mold and gases. Providing sterile, clean and safer working and living atmosphere.

Far more efficient and reactive than ozone. New generation atmosphere control enclosed environments.

Organically registered. Milieubewust, verbetert de luchtkwaliteit in elke omgeving en doet dit zonder schadelijke bijproducten.


AiroFresh INTL completely destroys airborne biological contaminants including bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, yeasts, volatile organic compounds and odours.

AiroFresh Intl  technology is not a filtration system – it destroys contaminants. No adaptation risks.

For all facilities (including organic) and more cost effective  than any other “effective” atmosphere control systems.Using unique electronics and engineering. No added chemicals and no filters.

AiroFresh INTL adapts, sterilizes and purifies atmosphere to enhance your food production and commercial storage’s, perishable foods, child care, medical/health-care, research facilities, animal houses, mortuaries and many more.