January 2020: Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin. Air Water Global will showcase our products including in Berlin. Airofresh  INTL members Des Muir (Western Australia) and Roger Van Engelgem (Belgium).

January 2020: Airofresh Intl has become a product line for Air Water Global our new enterprise. The enhancement of technology has enabled our progress into water treatment and purification in addition to our atmosphere processing.

January 2020: Wuhan influenza is now reported to be an airborne virus. Airofresh Intl destroys all virus, including Coronavirus in airflow. The concern with virus is they are the smallest contaminants (>0.3nm) in size and are not captured by physical filters. To enable sterile treatment, holding and quarantine facilities including homes a technology approach is required. Atmosphere is a high contamination medium requiring equal if not more attention than surface cleaning. No matter the news, the actions of China quarantining a city of 11 million people at the beginning of a holiday season, is in itself a message.

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