The Change Maker in Air Processing Technology

Unique Technology for Clean Air

LaundryAF4000  F45 AF BCU AF1000 pic

AiroFresh INTL  unique proven Advanced Oxidation module (S&P technology) to eliminate airborne pathogenic and non-pathogenic contaminants. This patented technology does not have capture and store filters. Airofresh destroys contaminants, is self- cleaning, offers a low annual maintenance cost and is environmentally sound. Improves air quality in any environment and does so without producing harmful by-products. Ninety Five percent of all Airofresh units are recyclable.

Airofresh INTL is an award winning, patented proven highly Intense oxidation module. Structured light frequencies, electronics and specialized coatings destroy all contaminants (including virus (<0.3nm in size).

AIROFRESH INTL – Organically registered equipment by NASAA