Post-harvest and Cold-room Storage



What if there was a simple and inexpensive way to improve the quality and longevity of your produce while increasing your profitability?

Airofresh Intl is proven in post harvest storage. In the old days farmers would lose one third of their crop to pestilence. Now farmers lose one third of their crop value to chemicals suppliers and pack out costs.

Airofresh Intl provides improved produce weight, condition, much reduced rots. Destroys fungi, mould, virus, ethylene and more. Keeps storage’s and bins clean. Much less cost and much more profit to you. If nothing changes, nothing changes – explore the difference.

The concept of nil residue storage practices is growing in Europe and Airofresh Intl is compliant and also registered for organic application. Nil residue processes can reduce grower costs whilst achieving excellent produce outcomes. Superior to organic in many respects of practicality, capability, health and well being. Airofresh Intl provides an important tool to the processes in storage compliance and capability.

Contact Airofresh Intl and experience the difference. Cost savings and more profit for yourself.

AiroFresh Intl is a scientifically advanced atmosphere processing technology which delivers great benefits to a diverse group of industries across the globe.

AiroFresh Intl specifically offers inexpensive, safe organic solutions to post harvest produce management; including processing, packaging, storage, transportation at all production stages throughout the supply and cool chain.

  • enables post harvest storage of produce without residues
  • WH&S protection for workers. Airofresh destroys dangerous airborne chemical residues in the workspace.
  • cleans storage’s 24/7, keeping produce, walls, ceilings and storage bins clean.
  • enahnces plant growth in enclosed atmosphere (green houses etc)
  • Considerable extension of fresh produce shelf life – without residues
  • Improves quality (taste) and production yields (much less rots)
  • Reduces sales loss, brand damage and liability loss
  • Organically certified
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, spores and more
  • Eliminates odours
  • No filters to change or dispose of
  • Clean, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Plug and go
  • Convenient annual servicing
  • Constantly replenishes its capability 24/7 and maintains efficiency

Excellent outcomes for all produce including apples, pears, cherries, banana and the list goes on (much longer life and less rots, great quality),  No residues, organically registered and excellent outcomes.


  • Airofresh was announced as the National winner of the Australian Regional Development Environment and Sustainability Award in September 2017. Represented by Dr Nigel Barrett (Food Science)

  • Airofresh was the winner and recipient of two state awards

  • Best New Horticultural Innovation 2016” – Victoria

  • Best New Horticultural Innovation 2016” – Western Australia

AiroFresh® controls cross contamination of produce by sterilizing the surrounding atmosphere in food storage and preparation areas.

AiroFresh® cleans and improves the work environment, achieving recognition from OH&S specialists, Doctors and international technical specialists.