Award Winning,
Globally Patented,
Chemical Free.

Introducing the AiroFresh Intl advanced atmosphere processing unit

Cleans over 4 million cubic meters of atmosphere per year. No chemicals to apply. No contaminated filters to change and no produce residues.

AiroFresh Intl 4000 is capable of keeping any large enclosed atmosphere sterile and adapted to purpose.

Manufacturing Operations: destroys airborne contamination produced in the workplaces including noxious gases and complies with WH&S requirements.

Cold storage’s: destroys ethylene, airborne fungi and mould spores. AiroFresh INTL 4000 units for any size storage.

Supermarkets: automated and manual large storage’s (perfect for distribution centers). Cleaning 24/7, not annually.

Winery: barrel storage’s and processing areas – ensure airborne fungi/mould are controlled.

Greenhouses: maintains a clean environment for fresh, clean healthy produce.

Cheese ripening rooms: eradicates black mould and other contaminants. Destroys airborne yeast, mould and fungi.

Mortuaries: odour free and destroy airborne contaminants.

Shipping: ensures enclosed air spaces remain clean and healthy, free from airborne bacteria/virus.

Mode OF Action

Traditional Air Cleaners

Traditional air purifiers often rely on cartridge filtration systems to capture and store pollutants. The inefficiencies of this approach mean that regular expensive filter changes are needed. Multiple filter units are required due to the low air flow rate inherent in these systems.

AiroFresh INTL 4000 Air Purifie

The heart of the BCU system is the patented “High Intensity Oxidation Module” (HIOM) which creates an intenesly reactive gaseous oxidation chamber.

The gaseous mix that populates this chamber has an unusually high oxidation potential and destroys physical, biological and gaseous contaminants on contact.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the oxidation module mean that high volumes of air can be absolutely purified very rapidly.

AiroFresh BCU Air Purifier

Practically this means that many settings only require  1 or 2 units for comlete air purification, and costly regular filter replacements are not required.

AiroFresh INTL 4000

Three Way Protection

The AiroFresh Intl 4000 is a commercial grade, chemical free air purification system which effectively eliminates airborne chemical, physical and biological contaminants.

These contaminants are rapidly and completely eliminated from the atmospheric air as it passes through the oxidation module.

Technical Specifications

Commercial grade design and quality

Power coated metal construction

Designed to run 24 hours/day and 7 days/week

Plugs into normal 220/240 or 110 volt power point

Low power design – 4 amps

Certified organic chemical-free purification process

Processes over 4 million cubic meters per year

Highly effective, even in high humidity environments

Weight 29 Kg

Height 146.5cm Width 42.5cm Depth 38.0cm

BCU’s are serviced once a year to maintain their full performance

No additional maintenance is required between annual services


The AiroFresh Intl 4000 is designed to purify an enclosed atmosphere wherever people work, rest or play. It has been highly successful in a wide variety of industries:

Early learning and child care centres

Fitness Centres

Food production and storage facilities

Cold rooms


Staff and customers in these centres report a significant improvement in air quality within the first weeks following installation. They particularly comment on the removal of stubborn and unpleasant odours which they had previously been unable to control.


Other significant benefits of air purification include a reduction in hay fever and asthma symptoms and a lowering in transmission of airborne infections.

AiroFresh INTL 4000