Protecting our children

Child Care & Early Learning Centres Virus, Moulds and More...

The 2020 influenza season is looking particularly difficult with the added concerns of the current crisis. Most virus are under 0.3nm in size which means physical filters will generally not catch them. In addition, filters can create a breeding ground for contaminants and replacement of the filter units adds considerably to the unit running costs. 

What is needed is a strong effective, whole of facility atmosphere steriliser to control airborne influenza, measles, chicken pox and other pathogens.

Airofresh Intl units are commercial grade air purifiers which destroy these airborne pathogens. Leading child care centres are using them to protect both their team and their families with an effective proven atmosphere purification system. 

The control of airborne virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, dust and other contaminants also helps centres to maintain health and safety compliance policies detailed in National Quality Framework policies.

The units have been laboratory and university validated and the purification process has been confirmed as safe, chemical free and ‘certified organic’ compliant.

Economic ramifications

Facilities with Airofresh Intl technology benefit from improved occupation health and safety, attendance rates and retention of clients. 

Families are seeking safer environments for their children and better work security outcomes for themselves. 

Installation in kindergartens & child care centres has been excellent in reducing contamination risk. 

Airofresh Intl Technology cleans and purifies internal atmosphere. This is where most surface contaminants originate as over 50% of surface contaminants begin as airborne. By addressing the serious problem of airborne contamination we can reduce transmission and surface contamination before it infects.

By cleaning the atmosphere in child care and early learning facilities we have seen a remarkable and beneficial outcome on all levels.  

The control of mould and in particular has reduced signs associated with asthma and allergies. 

Being organically registered, this technology places a whole new emphasis on facility cleanliness unmatched by any other current technology approach.