What if you could have clean air that is crisp & fresh in your mortuary areas?

AiroFresh INTL is a technologically advanced, high volume air management system delivers substantial benefits to a diverse group of industries across the globe.

AiroFresh INTL offers inexpensive, safe green solutions to problems associated with managing mortuary and histopathology laboratory environments.

Air quality and odour remediation, formaldehyde and ozone risks.

Airofresh INTL has a unique, proven technology for keeping enclosed atmosphere clean without the use of capture and store filters or ozone in the working atmosphere.

Airofresh INTL BCU (biological control unit) available since 2016, is now established in many facilities throughout Australia.

Ozone has been popular in facilities. Workplace limits are 0.1ppm (extremely low) as ozone is a dangerous workplace gas. It is inappropriate in healthy working environments and at safe working levels does not destroy contaminants/fungi. The NFDA (US) advises against use of ozone generators in funeral facilities (either by UV or electric discharge).

WH&S claims in this area are rising as employees are becoming more aware and adversely affected. Employers need to take this potential liability seriously. It is not a difficult issue to address as an obvious ozone odor is generally detectable.

Airofresh INTL endorsed by medical and WH&S specialists destroys airborne contaminants including ozone, without these residues.