Public Transport


The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on commuter confidence, leading to a significant decline in public transport use. 

Public transport operators around the world are adopting a novel air purification technology which gives both transport staff and passengers the confidence to return to using public transport. 

AiroFresh technology is the proven and effective way to create a healthy and odour-free atmosphere, which is especially important for high density environments such as public transport. 


Verified COVID-19 Technology 

AiroFresh air purifying technology has been verified by an Australian University for elimination of airborne virus particles. A recent test confirmed that the technology produced a log13 (99.9999%) first pass reduction of the MS2 virus.  This model virus is considered the surrogate test for the COVID-19 virus. 
 This level of effectiveness is essential for ensuring safety in the high density environment of public transport. 

Odour Elimination

Trains, trams and buses often run in urban environments and are exposed to elevated levels of toxic exhaust emissions and atmospheric pollutants. 
Studies conducted by leading Australian Universities have demonstrated that AiroFresh technology is effective in removing aldehydes and other volatile organic compounds keeping passengers and staff safe from dangerous, health-impacting gases. Not only will commuters notice the freshness of the air onboard, they will also be protected from the negative effects of pollutants. 

Ease of System Integration

The advanced air processing units have been designed to integrate with existing HVAC systems to purify air and remove odours on trains, trams and buses. They are specifically designed to be low-weight, low power drain and compact units which can be ceiling mounted or integrated into an above ceiling HVAC unit.

Further reasons to consider AiroFresh

  • University tested and proven
  • Provides protection for commuters and transport staff
  • Eliminates dangerous airborne virus, bacteria and odours
  • Easily integrates with existing HVAC systems
  • Convenient annual servicing with no filter replacement required