Cheese Processing Facilities


In processing environments you create the ability to achieve designed outcomes. Uncontrolled atmosphere can cause unexpected or unwanted contamination’s. HVAC and HEPA filter systems are often not sufficient which is where Airofresh INTL atmosphere processing systems shine. Designed processes to enable you to have the protection and outcomes you want. Cheap to acquire and run our systems complete the controlled environment you desire including cross contamination controls.

AiroFresh INTL uses cutting edge atmosphere processing technology dramatically reducing atmospheric contaminants such as yeast and mould to improve the cleanliness of the environment during processing.

AiroFresh INTL destroys airborne pathogens such as viruses, which are not trapped by HEPA filters as they may be smaller than 0.3 nm

AiroFresh INTL is unique in that it is able to operate at very low refrigerated temperatures.