Enhanced Greenhouse Production

Superior Plant Growth = Efficient Harvest + Increased Total Production

AiroFresh Intl technology is a simple and affordable way to generate superior plant growth through efficient harvest time and increased production. 

Due to the humidity of greenhouses and drying rooms, they can become breeding grounds for Botrytis mould and other fungi. Studies show that the AiroFresh Intl technology continually sterilises the airflow, reducing Botrytis incidences and fungal root development, while also assisting in the growth of produce. 

Our advanced air processing units are a safe and practical way to achieve dramatic production gains and improve the quality of produce resulting from Gas Phase Feeding (GPF). 


30 to 40% More Fruit… Faster! 

AiroFresh Intl’s commercial-grade Gas-Phase Feeding technology produces essential nutrients for plant growth without using harmful chemicals. Nutrients are absorbed by plant leaves, stems or fruit, resulting in 30 to 40% increase in plant size and production volume. 
When using air purifying technology the fruit remains a normal size, while plant growth will be accelerated, meaning harvest can be brought forward by 2-3 weeks. Not only will your plants be healthier and more disease resistant, but your production from the greenhouse will also increase substantially. 

Certified Organic Process

AiroFresh Intl technology is a certified organic solution to enhancing your greenhouse production. You now can “feed the plant”, an invaluable resource for organic and zero-residue producers. 
Our technology uniquely combines production advantages with air purification and ethylene control benefits. We can provide you with an affordable, portable, solar capable and adaptable system, great for any location. 

Post-Harvest Benefits 

AiroFresh Intl units can be installed in post-harvest cold stores. The technology will continue to “feed the fruit”, improving produce quality and shelf-life. Research shows that your produce will continue to benefit from AiroFresh Intl’s technology through reduced chilling injury, weight loss and wastage. 
For more information on the post-harvest benefits of air purification, check out our post-harvest and cold-room storage options. 

Further reasons to consider Airofresh Intl:

  • Tested and proven to destroy Botrytis,
  • Continually sterilises the airflow,
  • Assists in the growth of produce, 
  • No ongoing filter costs,
  • Provides worker protection by eliminating dangerous airborne chemicals,
  • Simple plug and play technology,
  • Convenient annual servicing, and 
  • Certified organic and chemical-free air purification.