Post-harvest &
Cold-room Storage


AiroFresh technology is the simple and affordable way to improve the quality and longevity of your post-harvest produce.

Our advanced air processing units have been designed to create optimal storage conditions for fresh produce.

Fruits and vegetables placed into storage need to retain quality for lengthy periods of time. The Airofresh Intl systems have been scientifically proven to support superior fresh fruit and vegetable storage, preserving taste, weight and shelf life.

Reduced Rot Rate

Airofresh Intl technology has proven success in post-harvest storage facilities to help reduce revenue lost through waste. Our air purification system destroys fungi, mould spores, virus, ethylene and other gases, substantially increasing storage life while retaining weight and condition.

Chemical Free Produce

Airofresh Intl technology is a completely chemical-free solution. Creating a healthy storage atmosphere proves to be a more cost-effective & safe approach to control ripening, maintain colour, and slow metabolic activities of the harvested produce.

With consumers becoming more aware of health issues relating to the use of chemicals in food storage, it’s time to try a certified organic storage solution.

Further reasons to consider Airofresh Intl:

  • University tested and proven,
  • Leaves no residue – perfect for organic and no-residue produce,
  • Eliminates odours,
  • Keeps the entire space clean including the produce bins,
  • Provides protection for workers by eliminating dangerous airborne chemical residues in the workspace,
  • Requires no filter to buy, change and dispose of,
  • Plug and play technology,
  • Convenient annual servicing, and
  • Constantly replenishes the atmosphere 24/7 and maintains operational efficiency.