What if there was a simple and inexpensive way to increase the longevity of fresh produce and increase profitability?

Brand is all-important in the supermarket industry and fresh produce is at the heart of a quality supermarket. Whilst customers are price conscious; they are looking for appealing produce without spoilage and resulting wastage impacts on profitability. Proprietors give little thought to each load of produce bringing in field contaminants (fungus/mold/bacteria). It is not the amount of time each delivery spends in the storage, it is the cumulative contamination of produce being stored every minute of every day. This contamination build up considerably effects shelf life.

AiroFresh® is a technologically advanced, high volume air purification system that keeps storage’s clean 24/7. Occasional extensive cleaning is inadequate and indirectly expensive. Reduce rots, wastage and maximize shelf life. Airofresh 24/7.

AiroFresh® S&P technology is very efficient being able to destroy ammonia molecules (particularly hard molecular shell) making if perfect for seafood storage’s. Destroy’s seafood odor and keeps storage’s clean.

AiroFresh® keeps distribution center storages clean 24/7. Manual cleaning annually is sufficient when staff, produce/air movement causes contaminant introduction every day. Cooling ducting is an accumulating contamination source rarely cleaned and quickly re-contaminates the facility after cleaning. Airofresh cleans 24/7 including ducting. Constant 24/7, more efficient and cost saving.

  • Keeps storage’s clean 24/7 preventing considerable contamination build up.
  • Automated cleaning 24/7 including benefits to cooling ducting. Annual manual cleaning is inefficient.
  • Enhances food safety
  • Destroys pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and spores
  • Removes VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – forklift emissions, ethylene, toxic fumes
  • Addresses cross contamination that occurs with mixed cold storage rooms
  • Eliminates cleaning chemical residues (Chlorine & Ammonia etc.)
  • Provides a safer, less contaminated, lower risk, working environment for personnel (OH&S)
  • Increases profitability by lowering costs
  • Removes allergens from the workplace.